Creativity in ‘The New City’

During the workshop days, we organized several walks in the city, to have a more close view to what was going on in Tirana, the capital of Albania. We were all divided in 4 groups, and each group was given a certain area of research.

“The New City” was the last of the four areas, and the guides were Gjergji, Nina, Kiara and Wei-Hsun.  The rest of us were invited on a very interesting tour, labeled as the “Creative Hunting”. The creativity was not presented to us, but we were let free to define it, by using the hints given. 

“The Creative Hunting” consisted of spotting six purple ribbons, one for each creative use of space. The one who would collect the most ribbons, would be the winner at  the end of the tour. 

Stop 1: Passing through
A passage within the bar, connecting two different neighborhoods.

Stop 2: Laundry Square
A common space used as an outside clothe-hanger.

Stop 4: Street Car Market
An ordinary parking space transformed into a car sales market.

Stop 6: Tree Stands
When trees take over the role of displaying public announcements. 

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