A Creativity route in the Linear city

The tour of Linear city was guided from Foteini, Kyong, Eranda and Claudia.
It has 12 steps and 5 sections, which were about improvisation, green space, cafe cation, semi-public and real intervention.

1 Step : Transition space from private to public

2 Step : Coffee table improvisation
The coffee table is a border of small improvisation.

3 Step : Parking space
The free previous public space is in the use of the cars,
in the time hours the cars are not in the area the people of it use this space
and transformed in small communities corners.
4 Step : Creating stairs
The store is on the basement and the storage is upstairs.
They needed something to connect. 
5 Step : Temporary extra space
The walls are extended to create extra space.

6 Step : Inner garden
The cafe uses green from inside to outside.

7 Step : Demolished buildings
Even though the buildings were already demolished,
the parking space is still alive for public.

8 Step : Renovated from facade
The same building was renovated from the façade that looks on the street,
but was not from the inner yard side.
9 Step : Empty fence
It's a flexible space. During the day, people make a community,
on the other hand, it's completely empty during the night.
10 Step : Chess island
The table in the middle of space is for public space,
but the small bench from outside makes no boundary.

11 Step : From parking to garden
The garden makes private space into public space for local community.

12 Step : benches
The place is occupied from coffee shop excluded this public bench.

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